Enclave Silver Spring Parking Garage

Enclave Silver Spring Parking Garage

Enclave Silver Spring Parking Garage


Silver Spring, MD

Project Team
  • Owner: Hampshire Assets, LLC
  • Design Build Engineering Partner: Meyer Consulting Engineers
  • Specialty Contractor: STRUCTURAL

Enclave Silver Spring is a resort-style apartment complex located in Silver Spring, Maryland which includes five parking garages.

The owner of the complex, Hampshire Assets, LLC, took a proactive approach to assessing the repair needs of each garage. Repairs were prompted by deterioration of the concrete slab and failure of the traffic-bearing membrane.

A challenge that had to be dealt with early on was the budget that they had established for Garage 4. It was based of the work performed on Garage 5, which had much less damage. The scope of work had to be minimized to ensure a manageable cost, while still restoring the integrity of the parking garage. Working with an established budget, Hampshire Assets decided to take a design-build approach to prioritize the repair needs of Garage 4.

STRUCTURAL, working with Meyer Consulting Engineers, took lessons learned from previous garage work done on-site by other entities to restore the integrity of this garage. The scope of work included the removal and installation of a 42,500 SF traffic coating, over 25,000 SF of elevated slab concrete repair, as well as soffit repairs and restriping.

Repairs were completed with no incidents, on schedule, and within the budget, resulting in a safe and reliable parking garage for the apartment complex residents.