Stony Brook University Loading Dock

Stony Brook University Loading Dock

Stony Brook University Loading Dock


Stony Brook, NY

Project Team
  • Owner: SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital
  • General Contractor: Structural

Stony Brook University has become an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world. Located in Suffolk County, it is the largest public university in the state of New York. The campus opened its doors in Oyster Bay 65 years ago and later relocated to Stony Brook in 1962.

While STRUCTURAL was working on repairs at the Health Sciences Library and hospital garage, the college asked our team to inspect the loading dock. During the investigation, STRUCTURAL discovered that the roofing panels were extremely deteriorated from water infiltration and posed a fall hazard. In addition, the precast concrete curbs at the entrances of the loading docks were beginning to shift away from the structure as they were not anchored into the slab. With this being the sole loading dock for the hospital, it needed to be operational 24/7.

The team proposed to remove the shotcrete panels using scissor lifts for access. The panels were sawcut in half to make the panels more manageable. The scissor lift was positioned under the panel where the 4x4s attached to the rails of the scissor lift to support the panel. Using a tree-trimming tool, the team cut the hangers to support the panel. The scissor lift was then safety lowered where a skid steer picked up the panel to dispose of it. For precast curbs, the team created a sidewalk shed to create a working platform to perform the repairs. Concrete was pumped up to the beams from the side of the loading dock. To decrease water infiltration, the team replaced all flashing on the plaza above the loading dock. STRUCTURAL then conducted localized overhead concrete beam repairs.

In order to allow the loading dock to operate, the team removed the shotcrete panels in phases only doing partial closures. At the main entrance area, the team made accommodations to the hospital loading dock traffic by working night shifts when there was less delivery traffic.

STRUCTURAL created unique solutions for this project and the client had complete trust in the process. Over 39,000 sf of panels were removed and replaced to extend the life of the loading dock.