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Specialized Expertise for Maintenance of Civil & Structural Assets

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Owners and operators of industrial, processing, manufacturing and power generation facilities depend on the reliability of process equipment to sustain production and profitability. The service life of process systems, and reinforced concrete and structural steel infrastructure that supports it – can be impacted by time-related deterioration and damage. Even minor defects and damage can impact the reliability and productivity of the process it is designed to support.

STRUCTURAL’s infrastructure maintenance and management models have been developed to creatively solve some of the most challenging issues with concrete, steel and their protective systems. Working closely with clients, STRUCTURAL carefully coordinates and plans each project to minimize disruption to ongoing business operations. A commitment to Safety 24/7 helps to deliver quality craftsmanship while ensuring that every project is completed promptly, safely, and within budget requirements.

Our local service, combined with an exclusive license of the engineering services and products of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, makes STRUCTURAL the ideal partner for your facility’s civil and structural maintenance needs.

Our Commitment to Safety 24/7

Safety 24/7 is an integral part of a STRUCTURAL employee’s personal commitment to his or her own safety, as well as to the safety of friends, family, and co-workers. This commitment creates a culture of safety on our jobsites, in our manufacturing facilities, offices, and in our private lives.

Frontline Safety puts into action the principles of Safety 24/7. It provides strategic initiatives to empower technicians, craftsmen, and mechanics to create and maintain a safe working environment. It also holds all levels of personnel accountable for their safety and the safety of others.

Every project employs the same Frontline Safety strategies:

  • High level management and technician/craft involvement
  • A project specific safety committee
  • Continuous task hazard analysis
  • Safety observation processes
  • Regularly scheduled jobsite safety audits
  • Continuous improvement planning and execution

Repair & Maintenance Services for Industrial Facilities

STRUCTURAL has developed a broad range of repair and maintenance capabilities. Our breadth of service offerings and extensive experience instills confidence in clients to call upon STRUCTURAL regardless of the challenge.

Exclusive Licensee of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' Services & Products

industrial concrete repair
Investigation & Condition Assessment

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ tools and techniques are designed to identify deterioration trends early, determine their root cause, and develop plans to maintain, repair and extend the life of civil and structural assets – improving the reliability of your facility. By incorporating STRUCTURAL’s capabilities and experience working in industrial and power facilities, these services are enhanced by constructability analysis to optimize repairs, lower costs and ensure proper phasing, safety and schedule.

  • Civil & Structural Infrastructure Condition Assessment
  • PCMS™: Proactive Management of Civil & Structural Assets
  • STADIUM® Service-Life Modeling & Prediction
  • Rotating Equipment Foundation System Evaluation
  • Foundation Vibration Analysis
Products & Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and services repair and extend the life of process, civil, and structural assets – improving the reliability of your facility. Specialized industrial products and systems include:

  • Tstrata™ Concrete Repair & Protection Systems
  • StrongPIPE® Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Pipe & Water Management Systems Rehabilitation
  • Timber Pile Repair & Strengthening Systems
  • Polyshield® Equipment Foundation Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Strengthening & Blast Resistance Products