A view of the completely rebuilt garage from the top of the condominium complex.
Debris was removed using conveyor belts and was hauled to dumpsters using small skid steer.
Demolition of the top level of the garage.
Exterior view of the repair in progress.
Finishes included traffic bearing waterproof membrane, vehicular wheel stops, guardrails, fencing, lighting, and electrical.
The underside of the existing ramp prior to repair.

Park Hudson Parking Garage Restoration

Project Description 

This four-story structure sits on the Palisade Cliff, which is a long bluff overlooking the Hudson River. Built in the late 1960s, the structure stood 40 years with very minimal preventive maintenance. Severe corrosion and structural decay developed as a result of humidity from the nearby river, harsh weather and chlorides from deicing salts. Several structural elements had reached the point of failure, including steel members and spalled concrete slabs. The entire structure had been condemned and was not suitable for use. The location of the structure, however, made demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new garage logistically challenging. Instead, the engineer proposed replacing the deteriorated concrete and, in concert with STRUCTURAL, developed a plan to repair the garage. The scope developed for the project essentially represented a complete reconstruction.  

To address the challenges of the project, a plan was developed that included demolition and replacement of nearly 100,000 square feet of concrete, and the installation of new structural steel framing, traffic bearing waterproof membrane, sheet membrane waterproofing and asphalt. Additional work items included plumbing, masonry repairs at the stair tower, painting all steel members and the installation of new floor drains, fencing, guardrails, lighting and electrical work.

Throughout the project, several new and unexpected areas of concern were exposed that resulted in numerous scope changes and additions. Of these changes and additions, three were very significant - ramp replacement, interior steel replacement work and an increased scope for the stair tower. Changes involving the ramp included the complete replacement of the all steel framing at the ramp, as well as the removal and replacement of the steel at the west side in between the 1st and 2nd floors. Additional steel work included supplementary details to address extensive corrosion at the base plates and almost 3,000 linear feet of structural steel to replace existing steel framing at the interior levels. During the work on the stair tower, it was determined that the existing structure was not salvageable. Instead, all steel beams were replaced, as were the steel stairs, the masonry, the doors and the elevator.

Completed in 19 months, the Park Hudson parking garage project pulled the structure back from the brink of a possible complete structural failure. This project demonstrated how detailed planning, project management and attention to safety to address several unique logistical challenges and a structure on the verge of collapse can once again be made fully functional.