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Building Envelope Restoration

Building envelope issues can quickly lead to costly property damage, safety issues, and tenant dissatisfaction. Owners, engineers, and contracting partners can minimize these problems by partnering with STRUCTURAL for their building envelope repair needs. STRUCTURAL’s knowledge and expertise ensures that the maintenance, repair, and protection of our clients’ building assets are properly addressed and long lasting. 


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Chimney Maintenance & Repair

STRUCTURAL offers highly skilled professionals with an extensive portfolio of chimney and stack projects. We provide timely and efficient performance that enable plants, factories, and institutions to continue to operate cleanly and safely.

Tom Kline, Jorge Costa
In the power generation industry, a well-maintained cooling tower enables the entire cooling system to perform at optimum efficiency. Often times, the in-house staff of power facilities face challenges in properly evaluating these large structures.
January 20, 2015
What is it? Electro-osmotic pulse (EOP) is a method that is being used more frequently for both new construction and repair work when waterproofing concrete. But what is it exactly? EOP is used for waterproofing in a very similar way cathodic protection is used for corrosion prevention in structural steel reinforcement. An EOP protection system has an anode and cathode and a flow of electricity between them create an electric field within the concrete. The anode is of mixed metal oxide titanium and attached to the concrete. A coppercoated steel rod cathode is driven into the soil backfill...
Supporting well over 600,000 lbs of process equipment weight while in service, the embedded metal in the eight column support structure began corroding which caused extensive deterioration of the support columns and beams.
August 26, 2014
Much of the working development length of the anchorage is hidden from view due to embedment into building construction materials, such as brick, stone, mortar, wood, and concrete. In industrial facilities, anchorage of process stream lines, vessels, and rotating/reciprocating equipment onto supporting foundations is handled by threaded metal rods embedded into conventionally reinforced concrete. Unfortunately, the condition of the ‘business end’ of the anchor bolt is unknown until an owner/operator experiences an unfortunate event in the form of: Bolt tensile failure Pullout (concrete...
August 26, 2014
Once concerns are raised, the implementation of a proactive evaluation program should be initiated that treats the anchor bolts as critical components of an important asset. Several types of evaluation programs can be assembled which are generally a mix of non-destructive (NDT) and semi-destructive (SDT) techniques that work concurrently to quickly assess the type, quality, and quantity of the tested anchor bolts. Essentially the testing techniques available include: Acoustic impact Each anchor bolt is struck with a 3 lb. maul hammer and the audible resultant tonal variations are noted. For...
August 26, 2014
Several strategies are available to reestablish anchor bolt integrity. Anchor bolts restoration strategies can be as follows: Repair existing anchor bolts Near surface separated anchor bolts can be repaired using mechanical couplings or welding stud extensions. Both techniques remove and replace anchor bolt threaded regions damaged by corrosion, lateral shear, or vertical ‘cup and cone’ failures. Property installed and incorporating appropriate metallurgical detailing, repairs as described can add significant service life to the existing anchor bolt system, once the ‘root cause’ of the...