The City of San Diego had been plagued for decades by water leakage at an intersection that runs below the water table and located roughly 1.5 miles from San Diego Bay. The problem started to escalate after a five foot deep utility trench was installed by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in...
Rainwater began unexpectedly infiltrating an east coast nuclear power plant’s switchgear roof resulting in a costly, unplanned shutdown. The plant conducted a large-scale evaluation to determine the best prevention plan to eliminate similar events in the future. The evaluation suggested that the...
Situated on Tampa Bay, Tampa Electric Company’s (TECO) Big Bend Power Station is located in Gibonston, Florida and was constructed in 1969. The station’s four coal-fired units produce a combined output of more than 1,700 megawatts to serve customers across the West Central Florida service area. The...
A major US municipal water agency was in need of an emergency repair to a 54-inch Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP). Augmenting the Engineer of Record, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES was contacted to assist with the repair and supply materials. The pipe segments that were distressed were...
Thomas Kline
Walking through process areas in a petrochemical facility, whether new or old, one is immediately struck by the sheer amount of infrastructure required to support process equipment, vessels and pipelines. Structural systems have been developed over the years to support petrochemical processes and
Brent Anderson, P.E., Jorge Costa, P.E., Paul Femmer
For building owners and managers, one of the biggest issues is a damp or moldy basement area resulting from water intrusion through cracked concrete slabs and foundation walls.
Thomas Kline
By definition, anchor bolts are typically a headed or threaded metal bolt or stud that is cast-in-place, grouted-in-place, or drilled into finished concrete.
Thomas R. Kline
Many times, especially in Petrochemical Facilities, plant processes must remain on-line; making asset repairs only during planned outages a wistful dream.
A 102-in. prestressed concrete water main pipe in Rhode Island catastrophically failed out and released 20 million liters of water.
Constructed in 1904, this building houses the administrative functions of a major historic museum in Washington, D.C. Located along the Mall, the facility is a National Historic Landmark and an important destination for many.