August 29, 2014
The usual suspects for leaks in concrete are at the joints, the structural connections, or the shrinkage cracks.

Founder and CEO of Structural Group Receives ACI’s Innovation in Concrete Award

Structural Group announced on August 8 that Peter Emmons, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Structural Group, Inc., is the winner of ACI Foundation’s 2014 Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete Award. The citation on the award is “For your far-sighted and continuing leadership in the

STRUCTURAL, as part of a larger on-going repair contract, recently repaired three intake cavities during a scheduled outage in winter 2014.
The Hope Creek nuclear power plant, located in Lower Alloways Creek Township, New Jersey, is a single unit boiling water reactor with a total generating capacity of 1,216 megawatts net. The plant generates enough electricity to power approximately one million homes each day. Since the late 1990’s,...
A seven level parking garage located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was in need of significant repair. Throughout the garage, on every slab, post-tensioned tendons needed replacement and deteriorating concrete required repair. Because the garage needed to remain in operation, the owner’s major concerns...
Courthouse Square is located in downtown Salem, Oregon, and contains municipal space, retail, offices, a public transportation center and underground parking. The five-story complex, originally built in 2000, began to show signs of minor structural defects throughout the facility including buckling...

STRUCTURAL Launches Updated Website

January 23, 2014 – STRUCTURAL, a Structural Group Company, today announced the launch of its updated website at

STRUCTURAL, founded in 1976, offers award-winning construction, repair and maintenance services.

A new power plant in Arkansas was being constructed when the builders noticed that a portion seismic reinforcement was inadvertently omitted, creating a major structural defect within the chimney.

DUCON® Micro-Reinforced Concrete Armoring System

Thomas R. Kline
All things deteriorate over time. Even structures constructed of reinforced concrete require maintenance in order to continue to function as a critical foundation support asset. Cooling Tower structural elements are no different except that the concrete can provide a foundation, containment for