Industrial & Power Maintenance Services

industrial coatings

STRUCTURAL provides a broad range of repair and maintenance services for the Power and Industrial markets, including:

Commercial & Public Maintenance Services

Masonry maintenance

STRUCTURAL provides a broad range of repair and maintenance services for the Commercial and Public markets, including:


We ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the applicable design basis documents, 10CFR50 Appendix B, NRC Regulatory Guides, ANSI Standards, NQA-1, OSHA (29CFR1926 & 1910)

A large petroleum refinery in the United States, driven by a commitment to safe and efficient operations, planned structural repairs to its coking unit during a scheduled 30-day turnaround. Originally constructed in the 1960’s, the coker structure repairs would allow for continued safe operations,...

Hydroelectric & Renewable

STRUCTURAL has provided a wide range of unique solutions to address the variety of repair and protection challenges faced by hydroelectric and other renewable energy plants.

Force Protection

Because of the increased threat of terror-related events, owners of critical infrastructure subject to potential threats are more than ever evaluating options to strengthen their infrastructure by considering force protection solutions. Many different approaches, designs, and materials are available to enhance the resistance of infrastructure to various natural and potential terrorist threats.

Historic Preservation & Restoration

Preserving important elements of historic structures is critical to maintaining our culture and is also an integral part in adhering to important Tax Credit Programs. STRUCTURAL’s knowledge and installation experience with historic building materials makes us uniquely qualified to help owners with the structural preservation and restoration of their historic buildings.

Refractory Linings

An unexpected or premature failure of a refractory lining can impact productivity, revenue, and the associated loss of profitability can far exceed the cost of the repair. For these reasons proper installation, repair, or replacement of refractory linings are a high priority for plant management. STRUCTURAL can provide owners with refractory design and installation solutions that optimize reliability and durability, while minimizing life cycle costs.


Pipe Rehabilitation

Owners and consultants with 30-inch and above pipeline assets have a number of options available for repair and strengthening of distressed pipeline segments or proactive renewal of extended runs of pipe. STRUCTURAL’s crews have significant experience with pipeline repair materials and techniques, and can help owners significantly extend the life of their critical pipelines.