January 20, 2015
What is it? Electro-osmotic pulse (EOP) is a method that is being used more frequently for both new construction and repair work when waterproofing concrete. But what is it exactly? EOP is used for waterproofing in a very similar way cathodic protection is used for corrosion prevention in structural steel reinforcement. An EOP protection system has an anode and cathode and a flow of electricity between them create an electric field within the concrete. The anode is of mixed metal oxide titanium and attached to the concrete. A coppercoated steel rod cathode is driven into the soil backfill...
October 16, 2014
Outside of selecting and installing a reputable product, three interdependent lines of defense against water should be implemented: Careful site planning and landscaping to limit or control the sources of water Techniques for backfilling and draining for reducing the amount of unavoidable moisture A protective barrier system or membrane to eliminate the passage of water
August 29, 2014
The usual suspects for leaks in concrete are at the joints, the structural connections, or the shrinkage cracks.